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Company categoryBusiness: E-Commerce: Internet Marketing

Sellics Marketplace Analytics

Frontend Developer (React.js)(Programming)

Employment type:Mid-Level Management

Experience: Fixed term and contract

Job key skills:

JWT, Flux, Ajax, jQuery, ECMAScript 6, Node.js

Berlin, Germany

Product Manager (ENG)  (Media)


manage the product development, marketing materials, US customers, US market

Business: Business Services: Production (Media)

Berlin, Germany

Sales Manager (US market)  (Service Industry)


free, trial, users, phone, mail, web-based, product demos, Amazon sellers

Business: E-Commerce: Internet Marketing: Salesmanship (Service Industry)

Berlin, Germany

Available: 29-01-2018 - 28-05-2018

Posted: 2018-01-29 18:12:37

Head offices Sellics company

Sellics is a profitable, global and fast-growing SAAS start-up from Berlin. We are revolutionizing commerce on the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon.

Our software is used by small sellers and large brands to manage and optimize their sales activities on Amazon. We are the first company to offer an Amazon SEO solution and we continue to shape this fast growing industry with cutting edge software innovations.

We are looking for a motivated and hands-on developer that wants to be an active part in developing the #1 tool for Amazon success!

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