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Company categoryBusiness: Information Technology

Enabling students and educators to create engaging learning experiences enhanced by technology


Full-stack JavaScript Developer [React/Node.js](Developer)

Employment type:Mid-Level Management

Experience: Full-time

Job key skills:

reactjs node.js javascript react-native docker

London, United Kingdom

Available: 29-01-2018 - 28-05-2018

Posted: 2018-01-29 17:29:05

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Aula is a conversational platform for education. Think ‘Slack for education’: consumer tech on the front-end yet complex infrastructure on the back-end. We’ve built Aula because we believe digital infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

For students, this means less one-way communication from the teacher, more collaboration with fellow students (using integrations with tools like GitHub and codepen) and easier access to student services like the welfare team - even if you’re commuting or are away from campus on a placement.

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